The Ausbie Affect

ABA Enriched Educational Program

Our Mission

To nurture our Pre-K to Kindergarten students into "full bloom" through our superior experience, certified teachers, ABA training, and parental education programs.

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Evidence-Based Methods

The most effective teaching methods available today for people on the autism spectrum have been developed within the science of ABA.


Growing minds

Children with autism have the potential to learn, but they require teaching methods that are optimized for their needs. 


Applied Physical Education

Contemporary ABA programs emphasize positive reinforcement and include concern for quality of relationship and social interaction.

Sharonda Ausbie

Co-Founder & Director

Sharonda Ausbie is the Co-Founder & Director for The Ausbie Affect

Rayla Willis

Board Member

Rayla Willis is a Board Member for The Ausbie Affect

Shakelia Ausbie

Co-Founder & BCBA

Shakelia Ausbie is the Co-Founder & BCBA for The Ausbie Affect

Cheryl Bobb


Cheryl Bobb is the Secretary for The Ausbie Affect

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