To have an effect on; make a difference to.

What is The Ausbie Affect?

The Ausbie Affect is an educational program that provides individualized evidence-based ABA therapy for early childhood intervention in the classroom, improving the quality of life for our young students.

Learning Toys

Academic Enrichment

The Ausbie Affect implements an ABA approach into our classrooms.  Our teacher certified in Special Education and ABAB training. Our staff is trained to rejoice in every victory, every accomplishment, and reshape behaviors. We believe early shaping is the foundation for encouraging and setting venerated behaviors.

Image by Jack Monach

Daily After 

School Activities

We know every child is different and every child is one of a kind. Our aftercare utilizes our student’s unique set of skills and interests in a way that they will learn, grow, and develop their imagination.

+ Theatre
+ STEM activities
+ Social Skills Scenarios
+ Special Talents programs

High Ropes Course



Our summer program provides an engaging and enriching environment for your child with high energy, fun, and excitement! 


We also provide care during the Winter Break!




BI-WEEKLY Parents nights out!